25 Creative Office Party and Corporate Event Inspiration for Companies of All Sizes

It’s time to raise the game and show your employees some real fun, and with our help, you’ll be on your way to planning an exciting company event in no time.

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You hear that?

That’s the sound of your office snoozing during your company’s last event.

Don’t worry. It’s not your fault! In fact, it happens to the best of us. When we’re charged with planning a company event, whether it’s a team building event, a work party, or even a large scale corporate gathering, we’ve all been trained to think we should book out a banquet hall at a hotel, or the private room at a restaurant.

Then the day of the event comes, and we wonder why our teams don’t look excited.

It’s time to raise the game and show your employees some real fun, and with our help, you’ll be on your way to planning an exciting company event in no time.

We’ve put together a list of 26 corporate event ideas to give you some inspiration.

And don’t worry—you won’t find any banquet-style events hosted at hotels on this list.

Let’s check out the list!

25 Fun Corporate Event Ideas

From 90’s inspired fun to axe throwing, here’s our list 26 types of corporate events that will have your team begging for more.

1. The breakfast club

Nope, not the movie—although who doesn’t love the classics.

This corporate event idea is all about turning the tables on the rules corporate events normally follow. We’re sure you’ve heard of the classic team building lunch, or the fun, themed happy hour, or the formal, banquet-style dinner—but what ever happened to breakfast?

Imagine this:

Your employees make their way to the office on a Monday morning, talking about how the weekend went by too fast. It’s always tough to get situated at work in the morning, so why not have your employees walk into an awesome breakfast event?

Depending on the size of your team, you can cater a delicious breakfast and play games, lightening the mood during one of the least exciting times of the day. Plus, your employees will love that they don’t have to use their free time to attend an evening event!

It’s a definite win-win.

2. Karaoke Party

Karaoke corporate party

Looking for office party ideas?

Who doesn’t love karaoke? Ok, well some people don’t love singing in public, but you’ll struggle to find someone who doesn’t love to watch.

Every team has a few fearless folks who will run up to the mic if one is provided for them.

The best part:

This event can scale to any size team! Have a massive team? Take over an entire Karaoke bar! Have a small team? Rent or purchase a machine and host it at the office!

3. Rent a food truck

food truck company party

In case you didn’t know, food trucks are all the rage. Not only do food trucks serve up delicious meals, some of which you’d struggle to find at even the most eclectic restaurants, they’re also extremely versatile!

The beauty of trucks it they can roll up pretty much anywhere, and if you have a smaller team that doesn’t warrant renting out an entire venue, you can have a food truck roll up to a park, or even outside the office.

You can theme your event based on the origin of the cuisine of your food truck.

4. Go to a show, or a sporting event

One of the biggest mistakes company’s make is treating their corporate events too seriously. If an event involves boxed lunches and a conference table, without any fun activities in between, it’s not an event.

This same concept applies to the infamous hotel banquet room or restaurant private rentals. That’s not an event, it’s just a meal.

Some of the best events are good old fashioned… well… events! Take your team to a sporting event, and it will be a smashing success.

Hot dogs, popcorn, and a great concert or sports game beats a sit-down presentation with a gourmet meal ten times out of ten.

5. Line up a pub crawl

Ok… We know you’re excited by this idea, but before you start planning, let’s lay out some ground rules.

When it comes to events centered around establishments like bars and pubs, it’s important to put safety first.

Make sure you do the following:

  • Create a map and a timeline, so everyone knows when they need to leave each bar, and where they need to go
  • Provide transportation to and from the event
  • Monitor the event closely
  • Remind your team that this is a work event

Phew! Now we can talk about the fun stuff.

Pub crawls are awesome and they encourage conversation while providing an opportunity to support local establishments. Your team will build strong relationships through all the fun!

6. Host a 90s style Happy Hour

90s company party

So, apparently, the 90s are cool again. Yeah, seriously—how did that happen?

All jokes aside, the colors, patterns, music and culture of the 90s are back, and it’s time to embrace it.

What better way than to host a 90s themed happy hour or office party, encouraging 90s style outfits, and playing 90s music?

As a bonus, the millennials in your office will become your biggest fans—at least when they’re done playing with pogs and listening to Nirvana.

If you’re looking for a unique corporate event idea, this is it.

7. Office Talent Show

Similar to Karaoke, every office has some people who love to be on the center stage. By hosting an office talent show, you’ll be encouraging your employees to challenge themselves, and in the meantime, entertaining the heck out of everyone in attendance.

To spice it all up, you can even turn it into a contest, allowing people to vote, and providing prizes for the winners.

8. Help people in need

charity company party

This is one of the best interactive corporate event ideas.

You may be surprised how many of your employees would rather do something to help people in need than sit around at a company event.

In fact, plenty of people wish they had more time to do community service (it’s one of the main excuses people have for not doing it). Why not give your team the opportunity to help those in need during office hours, when they’d normally be stuck at work.

Not only will you be helping the community, but you’d also be strengthening relationships among the members of your team.

Try a Habitat for Humanity build or a visit to Feed My Starving Children!

9. Set up a Raffle

Who doesn’t love winning stuff?

Raffles are quite possibly the most versatile corporate event idea. Here’s why:

  • You can host a simple raffle where everyone gets a certain amount of tickets and can win prizes based on when their name is picked
  • You can sell raffle tickets at the office in the days leading up to the events, and give the proceeds to charity
  • You can give out raffle tickets for performance based achievements at the office in the days leading up to the event

Whichever way you choose to give out your tickets, any event with prizes is sure to be well attended and enjoyed (especially if the prizes are cool).

10. Host an office movie screening

movie company party

By “office movie” we don’t mean a movie screened in the office—we mean a funny movie about offices—and there are plenty of those.

For starters, we recommend Office Space, and even though it’s a show, not a movie, The Office.

Everyone loves a company that’s able to poke a bit of innocent fun at itself. By getting the team together and watching one of the office classics, you’ll earn some major credit among your employees.

11. Create a pop up spa

Treat your office to the luxury it deserves!

We know what you’re thinking: While a spa day may sound like it would excite the ladies in the office more than the men, think again.

Most people love massages, and hands and feet look way better with manicures and pedicures than without. There are plenty of spa treatments that anyone will love.

You can do anything from bringing in a masseuse with a massage chair, to creating a full on pop-up spa in your office.

12. Have a state themed party

Show some love for your state!

The sky’s the limit when it comes to this idea. People love themed parties, so why not honor the land you live in with some themed food, costumes and games?

Here in Minnesota, we love tater tot hotdish, duck duck gray duck (not goose), and our sports teams, but every state has its own culture and its own quirks.

Let it out with a state themed event!

13. Jazz Night

jazz company party

Whether you’re obsessed with Jazz, or you’ve just heard it in passing from time to time, there’s no denying that a Jazz night is a great way to spend an evening.

Take your team to the nearest Jazz club for a delicious meal, some great drinks, and a night of wonderful music.

14. Host a puppy party!

Yes, you read that correctly: puppy parties are a real thing.

Work with a humane society or a rescue to host a party where your team can play with puppies of all shapes and sizes.

Who knows, someone may even end up adopting! And if no one does, your team will have enjoyed the cutest event ever, and some puppies without a home will have received some love they otherwise would have gone without.

15. Make everyone the bartender

Again, this is one where you’ll want to set some ground rules, but it can be one of the most exciting event themes around.

Who needs a bartender when you have creative employees who can serve themselves?

Stock up the bar at your event with everything your team could need to create cool cocktails, and watch the magic happen.

You can even create a cocktail contest where the creators of the best cocktails receive prizes.

16. State Fair Themed Event

state fair company party

Ready for another crowd pleaser?

Why not host a state fair themed event, with delicious treats and fun games and attractions?

Here’s the best part:

The state fair in your state doesn’t have to be going on for you to plan this party. You can host it at a venue that offers a similar experience in a smaller setting, more appropriate for a corporate event.

Our arcade games, indoor and outdoor attractions, and food at Big Thrill Factory are perfect for hosting a state fair themed event.

Enjoy mini donuts, and included cotton candy with unique flavors like classic cola, mesquite BBQ, bubble gum and more!

17. Do something outdoorsy, followed by a picnic

Nothing beats a pickup soccer or ultimate frisbee tournament, or event a scenic hike at a national park.

Thankfully, whether its Summer or Winter, there tends to always be something fun to do outside in nature with your team.

If it's Summer, provide food for a picnic, and combine the outdoor fun with a great meal.

18. City-wide Scavenger hunt

This may take some work, but if you’re ambitious, it’s the coolest idea around.

Hide objects around the city and break your employees up into teams, providing them with clues on where to find the hidden objects. This is a fantastic idea for a team building event because it requires your team to get to know each other through teamwork and problem solving.

Make sure a manager or leader is assigned to each team, to make sure everyone stays on track and gets to their destinations safely.

19. Decluttering themed party

Everyone needs an excuse to declutter their closets and make their homes easier to live in.

Ever since Netflix released Tidying up with Marie Kondo, there has been a nation-wide craze around tidying up and getting rid of objects that fill our houses and don’t provide us with any joy.

This stacks up to be the perfect idea for an office party!

Set up a donation contest! Everyone brings their decluttered clothing and objects to a specified location, and it gets weighed. The person who gets rid of the highest weight or clothes or objects wins a prize! (make sure it’s not the type of prize that will clutter their home - think restaurant gift card, or a different experience. Just not an object)

20. Bring in a live entertainer

The sky’s the limit when it comes to bringing in live entertainment. Plenty of incredibly talented musicians would jump at the opportunity to play for a big crowd, and there are other performers, like magicians, who also tend to be great for large events.

If you want to make your event more interactive, consider bringing in someone who teaches stand-up comedy or improv. Your team can get involved, and even put on its own performance!

21. Visit a family entertainment center with indoor and outdoor attractions

minnesota company party

When it comes to great corporate event ideas, this one takes the cake: A family entertainment center like Big Thrill Factory is the perfect place to host a corporate event.

Our dedicated event planners take the stress out of planning, providing you with everything you need for the perfect company event. Need A/V equipment and a private room for presentations? No problem. Need a delicious, chef-crafted meal with plenty of craft beer and wine options? We’ve got you covered.

But the best part is that entertainment is built in! With dozens of indoor and outdoor attractions, your team will never run out of fun activities to try!

22. Have an axe throwing tournament!

axe throwing company party

Axe Throwing is the ultimate team building event idea. When it comes to creative corporate event ideas, we challenge you to beat hatchet hurling.

Watch your employees hit the bullseye, playing the competitive game that’s sweeping the nation.

Learn more about axe throwing company events at Big Thrill Factory.

23. Themed bowling

bowling company party

Sure, the people in this photo seem to be having a great time, and everyone loves bowling—but why not add a twist? Choose a theme for your party, and make your employees dress up for their bowling rounds.

Ever seen someone bowl in a banana suit? It will make your day.

24. Challenge your team to a potluck cook-off

Want to get the whole team involved and invested in the party? Give them a fun challenge!

Host a potluck where every team member brings their own dish.

If you want, you can even turn it into a challenge, where everyone votes for the dish they like best, and the winner gets a prize!

Here’s an interesting twist:

Everyone has to bring something they’ve never cooked before, so they’re required to learn something new.

25. Create a team-wide contest

Struggling to come up with an idea you love? This might be the best idea of them all:

We can all agree that your team should love the event you host for them, whether its a formal corporate event, or a team building event, right?

Well then why not give your team the input they deserve?

A few months in advance of the date of your party, create a contest where each employee submits an idea for the next corporate event theme, and the best idea wins! You’ll be amazed by the cool ideas that fly in!

No matter which event idea you decide to use, make it fun!

There’s clearly a common theme in all of our ideas, and that’s fun.

Your employees work hard all year, and they deserve to have some fun while they get to know each other, even if the event is hosted for the most serious of purposes.

At Big Thrill Factory, we’re strong proponents of mixing fun with professionalism, which is why our event space in both Minnetonka and Oakdale, MN is set up with everything a company could possibly need for their corporate event—and with our dozens of indoor and outdoor attractions, the fun is built in!

No matter where you choose to host your event, or which theme you decide to go with, remember to prioritize what you think your team will enjoy.

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