Get your group to its fundraising goal.

Use one of Big Thrill Factory’s simple fundraising options to get your group to its goal. Turn up the fun and start earning today!

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Choose from Two Easy Options

Play Card Fundraiser

Sell Play Cards to earn 50% of sales

With a 50% return for your group, Big Thrill Factory Play Card fundraising is one of the most generous programs around! Discover the enormous earning potential. It’s simple: for every $10 Play Card sold, you keep $5 - A 50% profit!

Sell 100 Play Cards
Earn $500
Sell 500 Play Cards
Earn $2,500
Sell 1,000 Play Cards
Earn $5,000
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Fundraiser Night Out

Get 15% back from your event at Big Thrill Factory

Say good-bye to endless car washes, boring bake sales, and overpriced gift wrap sales. It’s easy! We provide the flyers, all you do is spread the word. You’ll receive 15% of the sales generated by attendees of your fundraiser event.

Generate $1,000
Earn $150
Generate $5,000
Earn $750
Generate $10,000
Earn $1,500
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