June 28, 2019

The 12 Most Exciting Adult Birthday Party Ideas In Minnesota

Get ready! We’re going to tell you about 12 fun adult birthday party ideas that will stop you from staying in on your birthday ever again.

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The 12 Most Exciting Adult Birthday Party Ideas In Minnesota

So you’re turning 30… or 27… or 58.

Over the past couple weeks, when various friends have reached out to find out your plan for the big day, you’ve shattered their curiosity with the classic “probably just staying in and relaxing” line.


There’s this magical thing that happens early on in everyone’s adulthood:

Birthday parties become activities exclusively reserved for kids, and the only thing that can get us out of our regular humdrum routine is a nice dinner, and maybe a round of drinks with our friends.

To us, that feels like a big hunk of nonsense.

Now more than ever, there are hundreds of activities specifically tailored to adult birthday parties.

We’d be willing to bet that you’ve never heard of some of these themes, so today, we’re going to tell you about 12 fun adult birthday party ideas that will stop you from staying in on your birthday ever again.

Let’s check it out!

1. Try axe throwing: America’s new favorite activity

Axe Throwing

Yes, axe throwing—the fun, lumberjack-inspired activity that’s taking the world by storm—is the perfect adult birthday party treat.

Find a group of friends or family and throw some axes. Just make sure there are axeperts around to teach you how to do it safely!

2. Play laser tag, because who doesn’t want to do that all day every day?

laser tag

You’ve obviously heard of laser tag, and you probably played as much as you could as a kid.

But did you know that laser tag as an activity has massive levels of involvement worldwide among adults?

In fact, serious players participate in leagues, and the best of the best compete in the world laser tag championships on a yearly basis.

You don’t need to be a pro to have fun playing laser tag. Just get a group of friends together and get your adrenaline pumping!

3. Create a ropes course competition

ropes course

A ropes course can easily become one of the most exciting adult birthday party activities. Especially if you make a competition out of it. 

Why not try a relay race by splitting your group into teams and seeing who can get through the course the fastest?

4. Have an amazing meal without making it the focal point of your day

We can all agree that birthday dinners are great, but why should that be the extent of the activity?

Instead of booking a reservation at your favorite spot, why not combine great chef-crafted food and drinks, comfort food made with clean ingredients in a dedicated kitchen, with the ability to participate in multiple fun activities?

5. Plan a murder mystery party

Murder mystery parties are all the rage, and it makes sense: Wouldn’t you want to play Sherlock Holmes or Poirot for a night and try to solve an intricate mystery?

Like escape rooms, murder mystery parties are great opportunities to get a group of friends and family together in a collaborative setting.

The difference:

If you’re “the murderer,” you pretty much need to fend for yourself.

6. Show off your putting skills in miniature golf

mini golf

Whether you’re a scratch golfer or a mediocre one, mini golf is a fantastic group activity that’s sure to give rise to some friendly competition and excitement.

If you’re with a group of friends or family, play a few rounds and tally up the scores to see who emerges as the champion (hopefully if you win, it’s not because they let you).

Try out Glow Golf for an even cooler after-dark experience.

7. Get crazy on some go karts

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or not, go karts are always a great way to raise energy levels and stimulate competition.

Go karting is another sport that can get pretty competitive worldwide, with professionals participating in high speed go kart races.

You can certainly try give a high speed go kart track a try, but if you don’t have as much of a need for speed, a normal track will do the trick.

8. Bowling never gets old

Bowling is a classic game for adults, and for good reason.

You can multitask, listen to great music, and enjoy lane-side food and drink while you strive for that perfect 300 score.

...And neither does Miniature Bowling:

Miniature Bowling is like the game you already know, only simplified. It’s designed so that can you focus all of you attention on having fun, and not on wearing proper bowling shoes. 

If you’re looking for a bowling experience out of the ordinary, consider variations including Candlepin Bowling and Duckpin bowling. These types of bowling use smaller balls and use modified rules and scoring compared with the game people traditionally think of when they hear the “bowling”. 

Even more unique is feather bowling; which is essentially a combination of bowling, curling, and bocce. This game originated in Belgium, and U.S. venues can be found in Minnesota and Michigan.

9. Have an arcade game night!

adult playing arcade game

Remember when you would go to an arcade as a kid and hunt for tickets

Here’s a little pro tip: You’re older now, so it’s all about competition and fun (plus, you’ll probably find that winning the tickets is easier than it was when you were a kid).

Be sure you go to an arcade that has plenty of 1-on-1 games. These games, like Skee Ball, Hoop Fever and Air Hockey will create exciting competition and make sure everyone’s enjoying the party as a group.

Want to spice things up? Plan an 80’s style birthday party with a retro arcade night.

10. How about a trampoline birthday party?

Everyone likes trampolines, but they’re even better when you can turn them into a competition.

How about hosting a birthday party with wipeout trampolines, where obstacles try to knock you over as you attempt to emerge as the last one standing?

11. Try a VR experience or a 4D motion simulator

With all of the advancements in virtual reality technology over the past few years, there are plenty of VR based activities you can try.

Try out a 4D Motion Simulator for a group adventure that will get your adrenaline pumping.

12. Remember: You can try more than one activity!

How ambitious are you? Because we’re about to test that: 

What if you didn’t have to choose one of the above activities as your birthday party’s only theme?

Laser tag, trampolines and mini golf? Craft beer, axe throwing and a ropes course? Go karts and a zombie invasion?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Big Thrill Factory is Minnesota’s leader when it comes to fun adult birthday party activities.

Come on in with your family and friends for your birthday and have the time of your life.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun!

We get it: 

Whether you’re planning a 20th birthday or a 40th birthday party, Sometimes it can be difficult to commit to trying something new, especially when it’s on a day that’s important to you and your family.

And we’re not anti-downtime either. There’s nothing quite like the occasional night in, sitting by the fire with family.

But birthdays are celebrations. And celebrations are supposed to be fun and exciting.

After going over these 12 amazing adult birthday party ideas, we hope you’re on your way to planning the best birthday party of your life. We also have a feeling we’ll be seeing you soon.

Want to learn more about planning an adult birthday party at Big Thrill Factory? Check out our Birthday Party Packages at our Minnetonka and Oakdale locations!

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