September 13, 2018

Axe Throwing: A Unique & Fun Company Event Idea

Let's explore one of our most popular attractions, which is sure to be the most unique and fun team building activity your team could imagine: Axe Throwing

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Axe Throwing: A Unique & Fun Company Event Idea

“Hey Dave, how was work today?”
“Pretty good, actually. I threw axes with my co-workers!”

Not only is that a great conversation starter—but it sounds about a billion times more fun than plugging numbers into a spreadsheet—or even going off-site for a cheesy “team building retreat” that’s nothing more than a trip to the back room of a local restaurant.

Last week, we wrote about how Big Thrill Factory’s award winning facilities and state of the art attractions are the ideal solution for any team building or company event.

This week, we’re exploring one of our most popular attractions, which is sure to be the most unique and fun team building activity your team could imagine: Axe Throwing.

Ready to become the best boss ever (you can thank us later)?

Let’s get started!

So what is Axe Throwing, anyway?

Axe throwing is an indoor competitive sport (yes, it’s a real sport!) with nordic roots. It has taken off like crazy in Canada over the course of the past decade, and is making its way into the United States. Axe Throwing is quickly becoming the fun activity of choice for people of all ages, and is slated to continue its growth in coming years.

To describe the gameplay, think darts, with larger targets and much larger projectiles. Participants throw hatchets at wooden targets marked with a bullseye and score points based on which spot they hit on the target.

woman preparing to thrown an axe

To learn more details about the sport of axe throwing, check out our Ultimate Guide To Axe Throwing.

Unique Corporate Event Ideas at Big Thrill Factory

This is going to be FUN!

Big Thrill Factory’s Axe Throwing experience in Oakdale, Minnesota, is second to none in the Twin Cities. Our safe, welcoming facility, paired with expert training and access to numerous other attractions make us the best corporate team building idea in Minnesota.

At $20 per person for a 60 minute session time, Axe Throwing at Big Thrill Factory is an inexpensive way to get your team’s adrenaline pumping and bring colleagues closer together.

Big Axe Hurling Hall inside Big Thrill Factory

If your group needs space to itself—our entire facility, or the Axe Hurling Hall alone, can be rented out completely and closed off for private events.

Safety First

At Big Thrill Factory, we’re all about fun. But to us, that doesn’t mean sacrificing safety.

In fact, safety is our number one priority, above all else. Even when creating an environment for axe hurling, safety was of the utmost concern. Participants always throw side-by-side from individual lanes, so axes cannot fly outside of a participant’s lane and into another.

In addition, every session comes with an Axepert throwing coach and event coordinator. Not only will our Axeperts teach your participants how to throw axes effectively—they will also be sure that all safety protocols are adhered to, and the entire session is supervised.

Two active competitors are allowed in the throwing area at one time, with all other guests required to wait in a safety zone located behind the lanes.

Big Thrill Factory: Much More Than Your Traditional “Axe Throwing Bar”

While you can choose to make axe throwing the main attraction, Big Thrill Factory’s amazing food and countless fun activities will ensure that the excitement doesn’t stop.

With our chef-crafted menu, your team will have access to a high quality array of options including handmade pizza, wings, sliders, signature sandwiches and delicious desserts. If it’s an after hours event, and you choose to allow it, your team will have access to craft beers and a wine selection.

It’s time to make boxed lunches a thing of the past. After all, it’s pretty tough to take a VP with a juice box seriously, right?

The Benefits Go Beyond Amazing Food

And yes, Axe Throwing is just the beginning!

Our corporate event packages are full of thrilling attractions that can easily be combined with your Axe Throwing Experience to add more variety to your team’s experience.

In fact, you can feel free to customize your event in any way

Here are a few ideas for activities to pair with Axe Throwing at Big Thrill Factory:

A Go Kart Tournament

Twin cities go karts

There’s nothing like a bit of old-school competitive fun. Go Karts are the perfect opportunity to unleash your inner race car driver and compete with your colleagues. Who will be the office champion?

Laser Tag Competitions

couple entering laser tag arena at Big Thrill Factory

It’s tough to think of a better group activity than laser tag. Laser tag at Big Thrill Factory is the ultimate competitive, adrenaline-boosting challenge. Watch the competition, teamwork and fun unfold before your eyes as your team enjoys a few rounds.

Wipeout Trampolines

twin cities trampolines

These aren’t your classic, run-of-the-mill trampolines. A spinning sweeper arm tries to knock participants down and they must do their best to avoid falling. Who will be the last employee standing?

Of course, if you need to get some work done or host a meeting or conference, we’ve got you covered as well:

All of our locations have excellent event spaces to entertain both large and small groups.

Our event rooms are equipped with free audio/video capabilities and large flat screen TVs. You can even choose to host your event outside, as we have plenty of outdoor seating options in addition to our indoor meeting rooms.

Contact an event planner to get started on customizing your team building event!

Ready To Book Your Axe Throwing Team Building Event?

If you want to give your team a truly memorable experience, all while boosting morale, strengthening relationships (and of course, having fun!), it’s time to book!

To book for a large group, give us a call at (952) 698-7715

Or, click here to book online!

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Let's explore one of our most popular attractions, which is sure to be the most unique and fun team building activity your team could imagine: Axe Throwing

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