July 16, 2019

Best of Lake Minnetonka 2019 Winners!

The votes are in! Big Thrill Factory wins Best Place for Kids’ Activities in 2019 by Lake Minnetonka Magazine. Read more about what sets us apart.

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The votes are in! Big Thrill Factory wins Best Place for Kids’ Activities in 2019 by Lake Minnetonka Magazine. Read more about what sets us apart.

This July, Lake Minnetonka Magazine continued its annual tradition of celebrating the winners of its reader’s choice survey.

This survey is motivated by a desire to see the local community grow and thrive. The article states:

“Have you ever thought about your community as a garden? We think the metaphor works pretty well. To a certain extent, a community (like a garden) is planned, or has parameters. Your community might be your city or your neighborhood; maybe it’s your school district or your church family; it might even be smaller, like your book club or your coffee klatch, or your fellow business owners on main street. Communities need attention and love to grow and flourish: a sprinkle of person-to-person connection (like water), the shine of media coverage or marketing for businesses (like sunlight), and solid, nourishing infrastructure and foundations (like soil).”

We are happy to say that our vision of our community is aligned with that of Lake Minnetonka Magazine, and we are more than honored to have been selected again as a Best Of Lake Minnetonka Winner!

Big Thrill Factory’s Award:

Best Place for Kids’ Activities

For the second year running, Big Thrill Factory has won Best Of Lake Minnetonka recognition for being the area’s top place for kids’ activities. 

We strive to be at the cutting edge of fun, with numerous award-winning attractions, from laser tag to VR (with quite a bit in between!). Whether you plan on hosting a kid’s birthday party or just bringing your kids in for fun, Big Thrill Factory is the best destination for kids. 

We hope to see you soon!

Read the full article on lakeminnetonkamag.com.

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