January 26, 2018

No Joke! Here Comes Axe Throwing!

Replay Magazine introduces readers to Big Axes Hurling Hall at Big Thrill Factory Oakdale

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No Joke! Here’s Comes Axe Throwing!

BY CASEY MINTER | Replay Magazine

Big Thrill Factory, the growing FEC chain voted the number one FEC in North America at November’s IAAPA Expo, is continuing to innovate with a new idea for attractions like (wait for it) axe hurling! You read that right! Big Thrill’s Oakdale, Minn., venue is set to open the attraction in February, complete with beer, wine and food in a cozy, lumberjack-style lodge constructed within the existing facility.

“Think of it like darts – on steroids,” explains G. M. Darrel Blomberg. “You can rent a lane or two, sip on drinks and kick back for some friendly ‘lumberjack-style’ competition. It’s a rush.” Darrel says axe hurling is quickly growing across the U.S.

The venue already has a litany of indoor and outdoor attractions, from go-karts to mini golf and more. Guests can book the Big Axes Hurling Hall in increments of 30, 60 or 120 minutes, ranging from $12 to $32 a person.

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