September 5, 2018

Big Thrill Factory: Your Home For Team Building and Company Events

At Big Thrill Factory, we're ardent proponents of the fact that team building and corporate events don’t need to be stale and cheesy to work.

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Big Thrill Factory: The Ultimate Home For Corporate Team Building and Events

When you hear the term “team building,” your mind probably immediately conjures up images of a cheesy on-site corporate “retreat,” or even worse, an episode of The Office.

You immediately begin to dread the icebreaker activity where everyone stands in a circle and takes turns rattling of their names and a “fun fact” about themselves, amid bites of stale ham sandwiches from their boxed lunch.

If the thought of it all feels like too much to handle, don’t worry:

You’re not alone. In fact, you’ve come to the right place.

At Big Thrill Factory, we believe strongly in team building. We’re also ardent proponents that team building and corporate events don’t need to be stale and cheesy to work. In our experience, they work a lot better when members of your team are having good old fashioned fun.

So naturally, we feel that we make a pretty great fit. Let’s explore why.

The Benefits of Team Building

Team building outings and exercises have been proven to increase engagement, productivity, communication, and collaboration while stimulating creativity among employees.

While it can be difficult to quantify the exact financial ROI of team building activities, the return on investment will shine through in the relationships between team members, their morale, and increased levels of ownership and productivity.

Here are some common benefits of well-executed team building activities:

Helping members of your team get to know each other on a deeper level

By placing strangers or acquaintances in a fun and challenging environment, you unlock the potential for social and networking relationships that can make work more collaborative and productive. In addition, team building activities can create higher levels of trust and motivation throughout a team.

Boosting teamwork

It’s called “team building” for a reason. By addressing challenges together in a non-office setting, you can unlock the creativity and problem solving skills of your employees.

Healthy competition

A dose of healthy competition makes employees work harder to reach their goals, leading to more productive and meaningful uses of time.

Team spirit

Members of a team work harder if they believe in what they’re working for. Step one in that process is making them more familiar with the other members of their team, and motivating the team as a whole to be successful.

Facilitating communication

Team settings outside of the office can help team members understand the communication styles and preferences of their peers. This will go a long way towards improving communication and understanding among team members when they get back to the office.

As a leader, it’s an opportunity to relate to and analyze your team

Is one of your employees showing leadership qualities you hadn’t yet uncovered? Is everyone working well with others? Team building is a great opportunity to get to know your team and help them get to know you as a leader or manager.

Team Building and Corporate Events at Big Thrill Factory

As the top rated family entertainment center in North America, Big Thrill Factory offers the best of the best when it comes to event space, event planning, food and activities for corporate team building.

But our group packages aren’t limited to corporate team building, they are also perfect for just about any work-related outing you could possibly plan:

From conferences and client or employee appreciation events to happy hours and holiday parties, we’ve got you covered with the best food, activities and event space in Minnesota.

Here are just a few of the great activities and large group games at Big Thrill Factory that will help your team grow and improve:

Axe Throwing

axe throwing

Our Axe Throwing experience is second to none. Our certified instructors ensure a safe experience, so you can focus on competing and cheering on your co-workers.  

Laser Tag

laser tag minnesota

Unleash the inner kid in each and every one of your employees by playing some rounds of laser tag in our multi-level arena. Create teams and watch the collaboration and competition unfold.

Ropes Course

ropes course big thrill factory

A ropes course is both challenging and rewarding. It encourages team members to support each other as they engage in an exhilarating experience.

Mini Golf

big thrill factory mini golf

Mini golf is a great activity because it doesn’t eliminate the possibility for valuable conversation. Have your team members get to know each other while they compete over a couple rounds.

Time Challenge

big thrill factory time challenge

Our Time Challenge is the best of the best when it comes to team building. Teams of 2-4 must combine to push as many light-up buttons as possible before time runs out. Which team will come up with the best strategy?

Whether you’re in need of a sales meeting idea or an indoor team building activity for your corporate retreat, Big Thrill Factory is your ideal solution.

State of the art facilities and technology to round out your experience

We get it:

It’s not all about the fun, exhilarating activities. You may also be in need larger spaces for meetings, conferences, and breakout sessions.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered on that as well.

Our private rooms and meeting spaces can accommodate groups of all sizes and each package includes free audio/video capabilities. Combine all that with a delicious chef-crafted menu and your last team building event in a dingy conference room with a tiny sandwich and juice box will be a distant memory.

Make your team more productive

It’s time to take your team building to the next level.

Forget about the cheesy, parodied team building blunders of old. Contact one of our specialized corporate event planners for an easy, hassle free experience

Or peruse our corporate event packages on your way to booking the ultimate group or corporate event at Big Thrill Factory.

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Big Thrill Factory: Your Home For Team Building and Company Events

At Big Thrill Factory, we're ardent proponents of the fact that team building and corporate events don’t need to be stale and cheesy to work.

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