February 13, 2018

17 Valentine's Day Activities for the Anti-Valentine's Day Couple

By Blair Donovan

Published on January 24, 2018

Let's face it—even if you're in a happy, committed relationship, Valentine's Day can still be a nightmare (and being single on V-day is a whole other story). Not every couple pounces at the opportunity to partake in standard Valentine's day activities and shower each other with flowers and chocolates, which is perfectly fine. But, when the day of love comes around, what's an anti-Valentine's Day couple to do? Fear not—if you and your partner aren't fans of February 14, we rounded up the best anti-Valentine's Day activities that have absolutely nothing to do with pink, roses, or stuffed teddy bears. From a friendly round of laser tag to crafting sarcastic cards, here's how to treat Valentine's Day like any regular date night (with a slightly more adventurous spin) with your anti-Valentine's Day partner.

#2. Play laser tag.

Relive your teenage glory days with a round of laser tag. Neon lights, friendly competition, and dark obstacle courses are the epitome of anti-Valentine's Day.

#16. Try axe throwing.

What better way to take your mind off Valentine's Day antics than by chucking an axe at a wall!? As scary (and violent) as it sounds, axe throwing or going to a shooting range ensure that you're guaranteed to forget alllll about everything associated with this mushy-gushy holiday. This badass (and weirdly satisfying) activity is completely safe and quite the arm workout.

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