Team Building

Teams that play together, stay together.

From team building to meetings and more, Big Thrill Factory blows away the average team or company picnic! Collaborate and grow as a team - all while having FUN. With your choice of action-packed events and mouthwatering menu choices, Big Thrill Factory delivers intense fun and thrills for everyone in your group.

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Common Benefits of Team Building

Build Lasting Relationships

By placing strangers or acquaintances in a fun and challenging environment, you unlock the potential for social and networking relationships that make work or social groups more collaborative and productive. Plus, you'll build higher levels of trust and motivation throughout a team.

Boost Positive Teamwork

It’s called “team building” for a reason. By addressing challenges together in a non-office setting, you can unlock the creativity and problem solving skills of your employees , teammates or group members.

Create Healthy Competition

A dose of healthy competition makes people work harder to reach their goals, leading to more productive and meaningful uses of time.

Increase Team Spirit

Members of a team are more motivated to succeed if they believe in what they’re working for. Step one in that process is making them more familiar with the other members of their team, and motivating the team as a whole to be successful.

Facilitate Communication

Team settings outside of the office can help team members understand the communication styles and preferences of their peers. This will go a long way towards improving communication and understanding among team members when they get back to the office, to practice, or the next group meeting.

Improve as a Leader

Is one of your employees or team members showing leadership qualities you hadn’t yet uncovered? Is everyone working well with others? Team building is a great opportunity to get to know your team and help them get to know you as a leader, coach, or manager.

Team Building Activities

Go Kart Finals

One of the greatest indoor team building activities around. Think you can go wheel to wheel with your coach or boss? Take it to Big Thrill Factory’s fast and furious Go Kart track. Race in heats to find out who is the office champion. Exclusive use of the Go Kart track is available.

  • Maximum of 10 participants per round
  • Must be 48" tall to ride. Oakdale only

Scavenger Hunt

Interact with teammates while racing against the clock to search for a list of designated items around Big Thrill Factory - Complete your mission with the fastest time to win!

  • Customized to fit your needs

Wipeout Trampoline Last Man Standing

Challenge stamina, agility and reaction time in an ultimate elimination challenge. The longer you last the harder it gets, as a giant spinning sweeper arm attempts to knock (up to 8 players at a time) head over heels. Who will be the last one standing? Players leap to victory in this fantastic game that guarantees endless amounts of fun.

  • Maximum of 8 players per round
  • Socks required. Seasonal. Must be 48" to jump

Laser Tag

In this high tech game of tag, everybody is it! Your team enters a black-light battleground armed with multiple levels, interactive targets, steam pipes, strobe lights, blasting horns and more. Keep your head down and your eyes open, because in this game, the hunter also happens to be the hunted. A vibrating chest plate tells you when you’ve been tagged, and a computer records your score. After the game, compare scores and see who is the ultimate Laser Tag champion.

  • Maximum of 30 participants per game
  • Close-toe shoes required

Ropes Course Relay

Teams race against the clock to walk across cable bridges, traverse narrow platforms and ride zip lines as they overcome personal fears and develop new self-confidence. The team with the fastest time wins. Explore risk-taking, trust and coaching while creating an unforgettable atmosphere of excitement with the support of your group.

  • Maximum of 15 players per round
  • Closed-toe shoes required. Must be 48" tall to climb

Time Challenge

Groups are divided into teams of 2-4 players and immersed in a vibrant black light control room with 3D props and facades. It’s a frantic race against the clock to push light up buttons. Score points by pushing as many buttons as possible before time runs out. The highest team score wins. Time Challenge offers addictive, pulse pounding fun for all!

  • 2-4 players per round

Mini Bowling

Get your off-site events rolling by bringing everyone together to bowl. Ideal for group outings, Big Thrill Factory’s Mini Bowling area offers multiple lanes, a sofa lounge with media screens, a sound system and optional lane-side food and drink service. For an extra element of challenge play multiple frames and add your own spin on traditional bowling rules.

  • Mini Bowling maximum 20 players. (4 lanes, 5 players per lane)

Skee Ball Rollout, Hoop Fever, Sink It, or Air Hockey Shootout

Who has the perfect roll, the sweetest release, the lightning shot? Everyone has a chance to shine on Big Thrill Factory’s Arcade classics. Rev up co-workers’ competitive spirit with multi-player games like Skee Ball, Sink It, Hoop Fever and Down the Clown. The team with the highest overall score wins! Support communication and collaboration by sharing insights about the game and how to improve the next player’s overall performance. Look alive - competition gets fierce when the whole office is watching!

  • Capacity varies by game

Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is a perfect way to organize team building or company events. No experience is necessary - Our trained Axeperts teach you safe axe throwing techniques that will have you sticking bullseyes in no time!

    Custom Team Building Options

    Let Big Thrill Factory customize a team building activity just for your group to help achieve goals, boost morale, and renew strengths — all as a team. There’s something for everyone at Big Thrill Factory. Work with our friendly Event Planners to create memorable, customized company functions unlike any other.

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    Unleash your inner kid with unique games & attractions

    The premiere entertainment destination for Go Karts, Axe Throwing, Bowling, Laser Tag, Trampolines, Arcade Games, Mini Golf. and more! There are plenty of team bonding activities to go around.

    Chef-crafted food & beverages

    Mmmazing options to bite, sip and savor! Wings and appetizers; hand-tossed pizzas; signature sandwiches and sliders; decadent desserts; and craft beer and wine.

    Private event space

    Great gathering spots to entertain groups of all sizes! Free audio/video capabilities, large flat screen TVs and more. Accommodations for both large meetings or small groups, and options for both indoor and outdoor seating.

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